We’ve Lowered Our Rates!

Good news! I was able to lower our credit card rates, so I’ve been able to lower our fees. They are now 3.5% and 35 cents per donation, plus a $2 processing fee when we mail out the money raised (and that’s it – no hidden fees). This means we’re now one of the most cost effective fundraising sites that also allows you create your own cause page, so you don’t need to have your own website to raise money. We also provide you with easy to use tools to promote your page on other websites, Facebook, and Twitter. Add in how easy it is on our site to create and manage a cause page and what we offer is top of the line. Not to mention that we encourage people to add any cause (see my previous post). That means that we can attract all kinds of visitors, giving cause pages on our site exposure to a broader group of potential donors.

Ok, so I think CharityGoal is the best site to use when raising money. I’ll let you decide. In the end, I’m just glad to be able to give more to the causes that people have been nice enough to put on our site.

Thank you for your support!