CharityGoal is a fundraising site that does something unique – we help with personal needs and local causes. Yes, you can use our site to create grassroots campaigns to raise money for natural disaster relief or to give to large charity organizations and we encourage this, but you can also raise money for things much closer to home. We’re different because we care about every need.

For fundraisers, you can easily create cause pages to raise funds for pretty much anything (exceptions, such as illegal activities, are noted in our terms of use). Think about what your community needs, what organizations and businesses that you like need, or what you need for yourself, your family, friends, or even pets. If there’s anything that you can’t pay for yourself then take a few minutes to create cause pages to raise money. We’ll give you tips on how to relate to potential donors, we’ll provide you with links that you can email to people you know, and we’ll make it easy to post to sites like Facebook.

For donors, you can find causes on our site that you will not find anywhere else and causes that you can relate to. Look for causes from people who you have a connection with, such as fellow alums or people with similar careers, or find causes that remind you of a time when you were struggling. You might even receive an email from a friend or family member directing you to a cause that they’ve created. Consider donating to help fuel their campaign. You can help causes even more by letting other people know about them using links we provide or by posting to sites like Facebook.

For everyone, in today’s environment of massive campaigns where donations disappear into pools of millions of dollars to be distributed in ways that you and I will probably never know, we hope you find it refreshing to be able to give directly to those in need or to receive directly from people who care.

We’ve all received help and we’ve all helped others. Let CharityGoal help you do this again.